Monday, October 26, 2009

Gothic Cross Choker Necklace - Transformation

This piece is a true vampire of a necklace! Just wait till you see it in person! All of the crystals on this cross appear black in a dark room or at night, but turn it in the right light or wear it out in the sun and the middle crystal transforms before your eyes into a stunning purple!!
The stunning pewter cross hangs from a hand braided satin cord, with a silverplate lobster claw and extension chain, even a little Swarovski surprise at the end of the chain!!
The cross itself measures just shy of 2 inches (4.5cm) long and wide. The necklace itself is 15.5 inches (34.88cm) and extends to 18.5 inches (41.63cm), but I will happily make it longer or shorter for you if you like!
You can find this little lovely in my shop -

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