Monday, January 21, 2008

The Chainmaille Series

Okay folks, here on our little journey, I am going to be taking you along sort of a side path, one that will help you understand one of my major jewelry loves - chainmaille. We will take the path in little bits and pieces, so as not to give you too much information at once. In fact, I'm sure I'll learn a ton along the way too!!

"Chainmaille?" you're probably asking, " you mean like knights in shining armour and stuff?" Well, yes, but I gotta tell you, chainmaille has come a very long way since those days of yore. True, some people do still make chainmaille armor, but it is only used for display or re-enactment (as in people that participate with the Renaissance Fairs), or in the case of swimming with sharks (but we won't go there today :-) ).

What it's making a strong showing in now is the jewelry world. It is possible to use the ancient chainmaille "weaving" techniques and patterns to make gorgeous, and yes, trendy jewelry. It's one of my favorite techniques, it's one of my favorite looks, and I look forward to sharing this little side trip with you!!


Gemheaven said...

OH my this is gorgeous jen!!

Barb Macy said...

Gorgeous, Jen! I especially love the clasp.