Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Copper Viking Knit Bracelet

Viking knitting, one of the oldest known forms of knitting, is a looping technique that preceded traditional knitting by centuries. Many of these chains were found buried in tombs of some of the most famous and powerful Vikings. It is so lightweight it feels like lace!

This bracelet was quite a challenge for me (yay! I love challenges!). I have seen several tutorials online, but not one of them showed you how to finish it off and attach a clasp.

The weave turned out to be quite easy and went together really quickly. I even made my own homemade drawplate for this project. A drawplate is a metal or wood plate with holes of varied sizes through which wire is drawn to get the desired thickness.

Finally after about 4 tries, I think I finally figured out how to finish it off. Here's one way, and I know how to do one other way too. I've even promised some of my fellow jewelry makers on the forum that I would try to come up with some sort of tutorial for it. Guess I better get working eh?


Anonymous said...

Hi - could you help me with the size holes to drill into my own draw plate? I have searched everywhere. The closeest thing I can find is a reference to the number of strings will detrmine the size of the hole you draw it through???

Anonymous said...


Suzdezigns said...

Hi, This is a awesome piece of jewelry. I just found out about this Viking Knitting yesterday when I was at a local bead shop. I am off to another bead shop to pick me up some copper 28 gauge wire or did you use something a little thicker? I am also interested in the drill board. Love it!!!!