Saturday, January 24, 2009


Growing up, I was a total tomboy. I caught snakes and climbed trees and rode horses. I was never into icky girly stuff. As I grew older, however, I found I really started liking pretty things, and clothes and shoes and even found I could stand pink!!

Now, I would totally sport this necklace in a second! That's why I made one for myself too!

This necklace is made from sterling silver chain, even the extension chain, even the lobster claw clasp and the wire wrappings and head pins are sterling silver. The stone is the most lucsious cotton candy pink chalcedony I've ever seen, and the pearls are the prettiest little white button pearls. It is very girly indeed!

It measures 17 inches (38.25mm) long and extends to 21 inches (47.25mm)

It is available for sale here -

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