Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mini Bling Ring, It's a Girl!!!

What do you think of when you think girl? Well, if you're like most, you think of pink and sparkly.

This ring has all that and more! This one is truly an eye catcher even from afar!Just like the regular bling rings only a little smaller, for those that don't want to go SO bold.

It is completely handcrafted using a large guage of sterling silver. The gorgeous rose color Swarovski crystals are then wire wrapped onto it using a thin guage of fine copper.

This particular ring is a size 7.5, but I would be happy to make it for you in your size. Just let me know your size and I'll make it custom for you!

You can find this ring for sale here -

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Kokopelli said...

I just read through your blog a bit yesterday and your work is amazing! I do a bit wirework, viking knit and chain maille myself. If you like, have a look at