Friday, March 20, 2009

A Trip To Nantucket - Victorian Style Blue Chalcedony and Sterling Silver Necklace

Elizabeth was nervous and she could feel it. She and James had been to Martha's Vineyard together a couple of times already. They had even pulled off quite a ruse both times. There was a religious gathering in Oak Bluffs in the summertime, one that they both enjoyed attending and had made some good friends while there. However, it was a tight community. The tent plots and new houses sprouting in their places were literally only a few feet apart from each other, and, being a religious community, an unmarried couple rooming together was heavily frowned upon. So in order to pass unnoticed, they pretended to be married, though neither of them were in any hurry to be wed. She could do this without batting an eye, yet this time was different.

This time was different indeed. This time they not only would be spending time on the Vineyard, but they would also be "island hopping" and catching the steam ferry over to Nantucket, for the expressed reason of spending time at the estate belonging to James' family. In fact, his parents would even be summering there.

This summer would require a performance unlike any that had come before. The parents would not be so easy to pacify as the folks in Oak Bluffs. They would be scrutinizing her like a bug under a microscope. And though she had the attire of a fine lady, and had the act down pretty well, there was no fully hiding the person she was inside, the one with the questionable upbringing.

There was a knock on the door. The carriage driver had arrived to pick her up. Like it or not, the time had come. She took a deep breath, adjusted her necklace and fastened the last buckle on her steam trunk. It was going to be a long summer indeed. **************************************************

The Trip to Nantucket necklace will impress even the most critical of parents with it's elegance and beauty and anybody else for that matter. It is so dramatic and stunning, yet simple and classicall at once. It is composed of big, gorgeous blue chalcedony beads, which are framed by the most incredible looking "big leaf" silver plated bead caps. All of this hangs from a delicate sterling silver chain, sterling silver lobster clasp and a sterling silver extension chain, all of which has been heavily oxidized for a dramatic look and the beauty of age. There is also a pretty little blue Swarovski crystal at the end of the extension chain.

This neckalce is 18 inches (40.50cm) long and extends to 21 inches (47.25cm).

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Betty BeadBug said...

I love this simple but so elegant. Really, really great.