Monday, March 16, 2009

A Glimpse Back In Time - Purple Cathedral Necklace

Allow this beautiful piece of wearable art to take you back in time. Back when the world was a kinder place and the world was full of beautiful architecture and elegant clothes. Slipping this necklace on your neck will make you feel like you are a part of history, but the look will fit so elegantly into your modern day wardrobe.

This stunning piece features gorgeous amethyst colored fire polished glass beads, which are all flanked by delicate filigree bead caps. This pretty little row all hangs from a sterling silver chain, sterling silver lobster claw clasp and sterling silver extension chain, all of which has been heavily oxidized to give it an intense look and the beauty of age.
The necklace measures 18 inches (40.50cm) long and extends to 21 inches (47.25cm).

This necklace is available for sale here -

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Kokopelli said...

I like the color combo and the clasp with the bead. Nice work!