Thursday, February 14, 2008

Treasure of Atlantis

I love anything having to do with the ocean. I love the sound and the smell and the beauty of it. I love shells and sea glass and pearls, oh, it's all sooooo wonderful! So I was delighted when I dreamt of this necklace a few nights ago, especially since I've been wanting to play with my sea glass some more. I could clearly picture the drop part in my dream the first night, but had a hard time picturing the rest, so I forced myself to dream about it the next night too, and finally finished it in my mind.

I am really in love with this piece. Everything about it is so very me and it has some history to it too. The sea glass and the wampum (the purple and white shell) in the cluster drop were all collected when I lived on the island of Martha's Vineyard, 10 years ago. I was at the end of my marriage with my first husband at that time, and beach combing was the one time I found solice and peace. So these "trinkets" mean a lot to me. (Fun fact - Wampum comes from Quahog clam shells and was used as money back in 17th century New England.) The wampum was a bear to work with though, as I broke numerous pieces trying to drill it. :-(

This is a really sexy necklace and quite the cleavage dipper (if you KWIM), as the cluster drop alone is 5 inches!! The pearls are black freshwater pearls and everything hangs from a simple sterling silver chain. I'm going to keep trying to get better pictures, but figured these would do for now! lol!

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