Friday, February 1, 2008

Wandering Hearts Necklace

I'm not usually one to do holiday themed jewelry, but a few mornings ago I woke up with the idea for these pieces in my head. I've found that some of my best pieces were ones that I dreamt about or woke up picturing. So I went along with it and these are pieces that could be worn any time of the year, really. (I will share one each day. *giggle*) Anyone that knows my style, knows that I love big, bold pieces, these are no exception!!

This pendant is 12 guage copper which has been soldered and then wrapped for neatness and extra durabilty. It has little diamond shaped garnets hanging from each heart. This pendant is VERY large. It is about 3 inches by 3 inches and hangs from a very simple oxidized sterling silver chain.
For more information about this piece, you can view the listings here - and another one here -

Thanks for letting me share!

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Pat de Verre said...

Hello wolfy,
It was a long time without visiting your website, your etsi and your blog. I spent a part of my morning to repair this fatal and I am not dissapointed; i saw so different and wonderful pieces . Wish you to have always inspiration for you lovely art. xoxoxo